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Web design terminology:



HTML attribute


the author of an HTML document

block-level element

an element which has a line break before and after (e.g. ‘H1’ in HTML)


the part of the UA’s drawing surface onto which documents are rendered

child element

a subelement in SGM terminology

contextual selector

a selector that matches elements based on their position in the document structure. A contextual selector consists of several simple selectors. E.g., the contextual selector ‘H1.initial B’ consists of two simple selectors, ‘H1.initial’ and ‘B’.


Cascading Style Sheets


Hypertext Markup Language, an application of SGML.

HTML extension

Markup introduced by UA vendors, most often to support certain visual effects. The “FONT”, “CENTER” and “BLINK” elements are examples of HTML extensions, as is the “BGCOLOR” attribute. One of the goals of CSS is to provide an alternative to HTML extensions.

inline element

an element which does not have a line break before and after (e.g. ‘STRONG’ in HTML)

intrinsic dimensions

the width and height as defined by the element itself, not imposed by the surroundings. In this specification it is assumed that all replaced elements — and only replaced elements — come with intrinsic dimensions.

parent element

the containing element in SGMterminology


pseudo-elements are used in CSS selectors to address typographical items (e.g. the first line of an element) rather than structural elements.


pseudo-classes are used in CSS selectors to allow information external to the HTML source (e.g. the fact that an anchor has been visited or not) to classify elements.


a stylistic parameter that can be influenced through CSS. This specification defines a list of properties and their corresponding values.


the person for whom the document is rendered

replaced element

an element that the CSS formatter only knows the intrinsic dimensions of. In HTML, ‘IMG’, ‘INPUT’, ‘TEXTAREA’, ‘SELECT’ and ‘OBJECT’ elements can be examples of replaced elements. E.g., the content of the ‘IMG’ element is often replaced by the image that the SRC attribute points to. CSS1 does not define how the intrinsic dimensions are found.


a declaration (e.g. ‘font-family: helvetica’) and its selector (e.g. ‘H1’)


a string that identifies what elements the corresponding rule applies to. A selector can either be a simple selector (e.g. ‘H1’) or a contextual selector (e.g. ‘H1 B’) which consists of several simple selectors.


Standard Generalized Markup Language, of which HTML is an application simple selector

a selector that matches elements based on the element type and/or attributes, and not the element’s position in the document structure. E.g., ‘H1.initial’ is a simple selector.


Cascading Style Sheets, level 1. This document defines CSS1 which is a simple style sheet mechanism for the web.

CSS1 advanced features

features that are described in this specification but labeled as not among the CSS1 core features

CSS1 core features

the part of CSS1 that is required in all CSS1 conforming UAs

CSS1 parser

a User Agent that reads CSS1 style sheets


a property (e.g. ‘font-size’) and a corresponding value (e.g. ’12pt’)


the designer of a style sheet


HTML document


HTML element

element type

a generic identifier in SGMLterminology

fictional tag sequence

a tool for describing the behavior of pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements

font size

The size for which a font is designed. Typically, the size of a font is approximately equal to the distance from the bottom of the lowest letter with a descender to the top of the tallest letter with an ascender and (optionally) with a diacritical mark
style sheet

a collection of rules


User Agent, often a web browser or web client


synonymous with reader


the priority of a rule

In the text of this specification, single quotes (‘…’) denote HTML and CSS excerpts.

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