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Web development blog – Blog writing about the latest news, happenings and trends in web design and development fields as well as internet in general, search engines, internet marketing, small business development.

UPS moving boxes and kits – One stop location on the web for UPS prepaid shipping boxes, Moving Kits and Supplies. Customize and build your own moving kits for UPS.

SEO India : Brainwork Technologies, an affordable SEO in India, offers best ethical search engine optimization services for business conversion in India.

Work at Home Jobs – Find work at home jobs, home business ideas, work at home ideas, telecommute friendly companies, customer service jobs and more.

Tumblr Quotes – Website for graphics, layouts and resources for social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster and Tagged. They also have Games, an Advice Line and an Entertainment Blog!

Web Design Blog – Great blog on web design, web development and recent trends in the web design industry.


PHP Tips:

Php Change Control:
Change control software is a tool that allows you to track individual changes to project files and create versions of a project that are associated with specific versions of files. This ability is immensely helpful in the software development process because it allows you to easily track and revert individual changes. You do not need to remember why you made a specific change or what the code looked like before you made a change. By examining the differences between file versions or consulting the commit logs, you can see when a change was made, exactly what the differences were, and (assuming that you enforce a policy of verbose log messages) why the change was made.
In addition, a good change control system allows multiple developers to safely work on copies ot the same files simultaneously and supports automatic safe merging of their changes. A common problem when more than one person is accessing a file is having one persons changes accidentally overwritten by another’s. Change control software aims to eliminate that risk.

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Serving Per Account: Unlimited
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Web hosting plans for personal or small business websites

  • 250 MB web space
  • 5 GB Bandwidth

from Tk.1,000 / year

Package Business

Web hosting plans for personal or small business websites

  • 500 MB web space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth

from Tk.1,500/ year

Package Professional

Web hosting plans for personal or small business websites

  • 1,000 MB web space
  • 15 GB Bandwidth

from Tk.2,500/ year

Package Corporate

Web hosting plans for personal or small business websites

  • 3,000 MB web space
  • 30 GB Bandwidth

from Tk.5,500/ year