SOPA blackout consequences and success

Overall, the January 18th, 2012 SOPA blackout has been a success – at least temporarily! The support for this Bill has slipped a lot in both USA House and Senate. But it is not dead yet. SOPA sponsor Lamar Smith said that the House of Representatives will not relent and push the bill ahead in February again and Senate sponsor Patrick Leahy still plans for the PIPA vote on January 24th, 2012. But the overwhelming outcry of millions of people against this ridiculous bill surely should have been heard by the power that be unless they are deaf (not too odd a chance)! Here are some pictures of the blackout around the webverse. First of course, the most hilarious oatmeal SOPA blackout gif. Go ahead, download the gif by right clicking and spread it. You have full blessings from

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